At Jacob & Co., we use no brand ambassadors but prefer to partner exclusively with the best of the best. That is why our current partners include: Bugatti; Lionel Messi; Paramount Pictures for the Opera Godfather; and Luis Figo.
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Supercar manufacturer Bugatti and high complication watchmaker and high jeweler Jacob & Co. have collaborated to create cutting-edge products, watches and jewelry piece that channel the spirit of the supercars with a unique twist.

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Paramount Pictures (Godfather)

For the Opera Godfather, Jacob & Co. has partnered with Paramount Pictures to use the film's iconic theme music. This is the first time Paramount has partnered with a watch company in this way and it was a challenge to secure the rights. Once the deal was done, however, Paramount agreed to license the music, The Godfather logo and the brand is now in negotiations for other iconic movie scores for future projects.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi, football's most prolific goal scorer and arguably the best modern football player, could have chosen any watch company in the world to work with, and he chose Jacob & Co., high watchmaking's most creative brand. This long-term partnership between two leaders of their respective fields has already created three limited editions of the Epic X Chrono Messi, as well as several unique pieces, incorporating the colors of the flag of Argentina, Messi's famous number 10, his stylized "M" logo and his signature on the caseback. Messi worked closely with Jacob & Co, giving his personal input and unique trademarks when designing the Epic X Chrono "Messi" Limited Edition.

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Luis Figo

Luis Figo is the celebrated attacking midfielder who played for Sporting Portugal, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Inter Milan.

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Universal Pictures (Scarface)

Brian De Palma's Scarface from Universal Pictures had an incredible impact on entire generations of people all around the world.

Memorable lines from the film like "Say hello to my little friend!" "Who put this thing together? Me, that's who! Who do I trust? Me!" "I always tell the truth. Even when I lie" and "Say hello to my little friend!" are etched in our collective social consciousness.

To honor this seminal movie, Jacob & Co. has expanded the Opera collection to include the Opera Scarface, playing "Bolivia" from the movie on the integrated music box. Jacob & Co. worked with Universal Brand Development to create this unforgettable timepiece.

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Khabib Nurmagomedov

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Octagon, often called a "cage," is one of the most dangerous places on Earth. It takes special courage to enter this arena, and something even more special to come out the victor. Khabib Nurmagomedov has emerged triumphant from the Octagon 29 times, and he has never lost..

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Astronomia Everest

Jacob & Co. is pleased to partner with explorer/environmental activist Johan Ernst Nilson, creating an exclusive and exciting version of the brand's iconic Astronomia, but this one with key elements celebrating the beauty of and highlighting the risks facing Planet Earth.

"Raising awareness about the dangers facing our planet is important," says Jacob Arabo, founder of Jacob & Co. "Working with well-known adventure activist Johan Ernst is a great way for our brand to get involved, and the new limited edition of the Astronomia Everest is really special."

The partnership with Nilson joins the stable of collaborations that Jacob & Co. has with hyper sports car manufacture Bugatti, Universal Pictures, world football star Lionel Messi, Paramount Pictures, streetwear icon Supreme, design master Virgil Abloh and Off White, and more.

"I want this special timepiece to help make a change in the world," says Nilson. "The Astronomia is the only watch I've ever had people ask me about while I am wearing it, so we will be starting conversations that hopefully will lead to change. The limited edition Astronomia Everest will spread the word about the fragility of our planet."

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The Five Time Zone watch which Supreme has modified for this collaboration was the first watch Jacob & Co. ever introduced, and it was a huge hit. Worn by celebrities, models, and musicians, it has been featured on the cover of Vogue and many other publications. The success of this watch led Jacob into creating and producing other watches and was key to the brand's success as a high-end watch brand.

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Virgil Ablohâ„¢ & Jacob & Co.

The "Office Supplies" collection brings together the visionary talents of Jacob Arabo, founder of Jacob & Co., and Virgil Abloh, the artistic director of Louis Vuitton menswear as well as the chief executive officer of Off-White.


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