Though the history-making Five Time Zone Collection continues to represent an unparalleled range of creative inspiration, Jacob & Co. has since developed timepieces that have enlarged the horizons of both the design and science of mechanical watchmaking. The creativity of Jacob & Co. extended itself into the world of mechanical watchmaking first in the creation of mechanical automatic chronographs in the Time Zone family, and then the H-24 collection of mechanical Five Time Zone watches. The H-24 collection uses a single mechanical movement to power four world time indications a complication never before achieved in the history of watchmaking.

Jacob & Co's expertise in the creation of luxury Swiss watches led to perhaps the single most provocative and powerful watch it has yet created: the now legendary Quenttin. In every respect an unprecedented and revolutionary timepiece, the Quenttin (first introduced in 2006) was and is a combination of previously unimagined achievements. With a 31 day power reserve, seven mainspring barrels, and a vertical, side mounted tourbillon (a regulating device in which the timekeeping element of the watch rotates inside a metal cage to negate the disturbing effects of gravity on accuracy) the Quenttin took the watchmaking world by storm. The bold, machine world masculinity of its design has since inspired the family of watches which will carry the story of Jacob & Co. watchmaking into the future the aptly named Epic Collection.

The Epic I is born of the Quenttin, and its direct descent is immediately apparent in its masculine and powerfully rectilinear case, and complex six level dial. Inside is a high precision, automatic 27 jewel chronograph movement with a balance frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, and a 48 hour power reserve. The Epic II, an extension of the Epic I's aesthetic to a round case shape, continues the Epic tradition of classic Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship combined with iconic design.

Whether in the powerful architecture of the Epic Collection, the intricate fascination of high complications such as the Quadra Tourbillon, or in the magnificence of limited edition masterpieces such as the Crystal Tourbillon, each timepiece expresses the unique blend of impeccable precision and design that is the hallmark of watchmaking at Jacob & Co.