Fine Jewelry

Jacob & Co. specializes in jewelry creations of unparalleled beauty and unique creative inspiration. The legacy and heritage of Jacob & Co. is a powerful language of design in which inventiveness and inspiration merge with fine jewelry making techniques, to give birth to iconic and intricately crafted masterpieces.

While Jacob & Co. creations are stunningly opulent, there are also those designs which offer a subtlety and lightness which only the most sophisticated craftsmanship can produce. Jacob & Co. prides itself on its ability to draw for inspiration from the best elements in the rich history of jewelry design, deftly blending tradition with cutting edge modernity.

Behind these striking designs are the most demanding and intricate Old World techniques, including the exacting art and science of gem cutting and polishing, as well as the crafting of precious metals into exquisite settings. To create the dazzling fire of flawless diamonds, both the gemstone and the setting must be crafted so as to maximize the amount of light captured. A particular specialty of Jacob & Co. is its use of the remarkable invisible setting technique, in which diamonds are cut and set in such a way that they interlock precisely, with no precious metal visible.

Jacob & Co. also exploits its mastery of a wide repertoire of historical cuts, such as the rose, old mine cushion, and asscher cuts, to enhance the unique properties of each jewel. The gemstones themselves are among the rarest in the world. From the pure, perfectly colorless Golconda diamonds of India, to rare colored stones from Africa and Brazil, Jacob & Co. uses only the world's finest and most exclusive precious gems for its unique creations. Jacob & Co. diamonds are always cut, first and foremost, to maximize their beauty and brilliance rather than simply conserve their size nonetheless, however, Jacob & Co. always uses the highest carat weight (and, of course, the highest quality stones) appropriate for each design.

Jacob & Co. diamonds adhere to the strictest standards of excellence and integrity. Every stone set in a Jacob & Co. masterpiece is selected based on the most widely accepted criteria used to assess diamond quality: the 4 C's of Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. There a fifth C, however, that sets Jacob & Co. apart: its ability to customize astonishing pieces of jewelry. Whether in the collaborative creation of a unique piece, or in the selection of a jewelry creation unmatched in innovation, there is no limit to endless diversity of beauty and inspiration to be found at Jacob & Co.

All Jacob & Co. diamonds are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and Origin issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) that precisely describes the diamonds used in each jewelry piece, as they rate in accordance with the 4C's criteria. The GIA is the association which first developed this rating system for diamonds.

In addition to following exacting quality criteria in its selection of diamonds, Jacob & Co. also follows a strict code of ethics in sourcing as well. Jacob & Co. is committed to the highest standard of social responsibility, and purchases diamonds only from countries that are full participants in the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) an international monitoring system created to stem the flow of conflict diamonds. This firm commitment helps ensure the integrity of all Jacob & Co. jewelry.